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February 14, 2019 - Midwest Book Review

A Creative Story in Catchy Verse

"The Bling Bling Bird" is a creative story in catchy verse about a little blue bird who longed for some extra special bling to help her stand out from other birds. Minimalist illustrations show the little bird's discovery of a bright shiny necklace that the little bird discovers and appropriates for her bling wardrobe plans. All the other birds found her necklace to be very funny, but she persisted and found a way to glue tiny colored beads to herself all over from feathers to nose! She certainly had bling upon bling! However, Grannybird cautioned her, "You may be the prettiest, that is true./ But now every cat can certainly find you." Indeed the little bird discovered wearing all the bling beads tired her out so much she could not escape the determined cat who wanted her for lunch. Grannybird to the rescue! Fortunately for the little blue bird, Grannybird's cleverness landed her in hot water, and instead of making bling bird stew, she lost most of her bling and escaped being eaten by the cat for lunch. Bling longings do not fade immediately, however. Taking Grannybird's precautions to heart, the little blue bird decided to just wear a little bling on her bow, so that she did not stand out too much, and was still free to fly away. "The Bling Bling Bird" is a very satisfying morality fable for young readers.

February 7, 2019 - Zara (Goodreads)

A Lovely Short Book, Well Written

This book is a lovely short book. It’s well written and suitable for its target audience (I would say at least 5 years old). It took me about 10 minutes to read. This is essentially a picture book with a small amount of text on each page. The pictures are divine and so, so sweet...[more]

January 25, 2019 - Amazon Customer

A Timely Tale

This book is surprisingly uplifting & so worth the price. I thought it was going another cutesy book for kids. It’s a colorful books that will capture a child's attention with an positive message at the end. I believe this book would’ve made Dr. Suess proud!! [more]

January 24, 2019 - Amazon Customer

Way More Than What I Bargained For

There are few children's books that are instant classics and I think this is one of them. I ordered this book for my niece over Christmas and she hasn't put it down. She requires that her parents read it every night! I think it's adorable because...[more]

January 2019 - Readers' Favorite

readers favorite 5star"Linda M. Gentry’s children’s picture book, The Bling Bling Bird, is a illuminating and humorous fable about a bird who wanted to sparkle and shine. I loved the interactions between the bedazzled young bird and the wiser Grannybird, and did indeed wonder how Bling Bling Bird was going to fare with all that bling on her body. Gentry’s illustrations are boldly and brightly colored and make the Bling Bling Bird come to life in all her bejeweled brilliance. Gentry’s verses are simple and catchy, and the vocabulary is geared towards new readers to try on their own as well as for story time. Gentry also gives caregivers plenty of opportunities to pause the reading and have kids guess what will happen next. The Bling Bling Bird is highly recommended." [more]



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